January 01, 2020

Local pageant blends fashion, role models in Worcester

While the show focuses on fashion, the main purpose is to send a positive message to the community, said Reed. When the show started March 2016, it carried an anti-bullying message.

January 01, 2017

Family Legacy of Commitment

Check out Page 12 for Questions and Answers with Lynn and Bride & Groom Magazine.

August 23, 2015

Bottom Line...Carbonneaus

Generations of the Carbonneau family

Beginning about 20 years ago, the Grafton Street store began to sell dyeable shoes, a wedding staple. A few years later, Gary Carbonneau developed a wholesale line of dyeable shoes and put out a small catalog, later expanding to include wholesale jewelry, gloves and other bridal-related accessories.  ~Click on button to read full article.

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